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Can your advertising work harder for you?


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Giving dealers unbiased performance metrics to actively manage their advertising investments. 

 Working for dealers, not for media companies.


Most dealers we speak with are not aware that large, multi-hundred million dollar advertisers have been using sophisticated marketing analysis tools successfully for a decade - - tools that enable them do DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE the effectiveness of their advertising spend

Forrester Research, out of Cambridge Mass, has been tracking marketing effectiveness trends globally since 1983 and has built a reputation as one of the most influential marketing advisory firms in the world.

Forrester has generated over 2,200 reports on the topic of “MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS MODELING” and the success stories that large advertisers have seen by using this information to manage their advertising investments.

Identify that two-thirds of their advertising dollars and tactics were under-performing

Improve the effectiveness of the second largest advertising tactic by 32% within 4 months

Shift spending from one advertising tactic that was costing more than it was generating to a higher performing advertising channel AND . . .

        Move up TWO market positions in a large metro market while reducing                                    their advertising investment by 29%

 Advertising today is way more complex and way too important to simply throw money at advertising vendors and hope that results will follow.

Our “reason for being” at AutoDealerMD is quite simple . . . 


 To bring powerful modeling technology and insight to local auto dealers - - dealers that want to dramatically improve the effectiveness their advertising investments. 


AutoDealerMD technology has improved advertising effectiveness by an average of over 25% - - and has the potential to raise overall dealer profitability by up to 50%.  


One of our new clients in early 2016 was able to use our software technology to: 

AutoDealerMD Advertising Lift Software

​AutoDealerMD Improve Advertising Performance