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Jandell's career spans both media and retail industries where she has focused on strategic development, revenue attainment, staff development, and marketing plan preparation and execution for companies of all sizes. She possess an innate ability to develop strategic yet implementable plans that drive success.  In today's complex marketplace, businesses are seeking partners that provide solid and synergistic approaches to business growth and development. Jandell provides the experience, knowledge and proven skills to assist businesses in today's exciting yet demanding marketplace.  In addition to AutoDealerMD, Jandell is Co-Founder and Partner of Third Eye Local, a marketing agency headquartered in Brookfield , WI.

After a brief career in the world of political campaigns, Chris spent over two decades in the media industry helping businesses of all sizes strategize, create, plan and implement marketing campaigns. Whether working directly with clients or leading teams of marketing professionals, Chris has a passion for developing long-term relationships based on the fundamental strategy of always doing what is best for the customer.   In addition to AutoDealerMD, Chris is Co-Founder and Partner of Third Eye Local, a marketing agency headquartered in Brookfield , WI.

A seasoned advertising and marketing professional with over 35 years of experience helping customers grow their businesses, she has engaged a multitude of national, regional and local businesses.  Her passion is helping businesses grow and thrive.  

Her career in media has focused on helping businesses improve their return on investment in six different community and metro markets while carrying a strong emphasis in Automotive as well as Retail, Education and Healthcare.  With degrees in Journalism and Marketing and years of hands-on experience, she contributes a strong marketing strategy and analytics background.

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"Diaz has an extensive background in media, serving in senior executive positions in 9 of the top 20 media markets for CBS Television, Gannett, Scripps Networks, MediaNews Group, and Cowles Communications across varied media including radio, broadcast network and cable TV, metropolitan and community newspapers, magazines, direct mail, event sponsorship, Hispanic media and a diverse set of digital media products. Jim has also served the non-profit community across the country including as the VP of Marketing for the Greater Phoenix area YMCA’s.  He was an Adjunct Professor of Management at the University of St. Thomas MBA Program in Minneapolis and is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Diaz is founder and CEO of Cimarron Communications based in Scottsdale, AZ." 

For more than 20 years, Patti has provided support and services that encompass  

organizational development, revenue strategizing with sales teams, and marketing attribution  and optimization for clients that operate in complex multimedia environments.

She brings extensive experience from both sides of the fence - working with leading consultants as a chief revenue officer with direct responsibility for revenue strategy and production and as an outside consultant for a wide variety of B2C and B2B clients. In addition to AutoDealerMD, Patti is the founder of Horsepower Group, a business consulting firm.

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