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What Do You and Retail Magnate John Wanamaker Have In Common?

​​John Wanamaker was one of the earliest and most vocal proponents of advertising – some 100 years ago.  He was rewarded handsomely for his beliefs in innovation & advertising - - at the time of his death his net worth in today’s dollars was $1.4 Billion.  Wanamaker believed in the “irresistible power” of advertising and invested huge sums of money promoting his retail business.  Quite uncommon a century ago.

Although a huge fan of advertising, Wannamaker was one confused guy.  He was convinced that half of the money he spent on advertising was WASTED.  He just didn’t know which half.  Was he right?  Was half of his advertising not working?

Buckle up, Mr. Wanamaker, in 2016 there is a way to dramatically improve the effectiveness of advertising investments. AutoDealerMD has developed and tested proven methodologies to answer the toughest advertising questions:

            What advertising tactics are great investments?

            What tactics are working – but not great investments?

            What advertising tactics are actually costing you money?

Our “reason for being” at AutoDealerMD is to cut advertising waste so you can sell more cars.  We don’t work for a media company.  We work for YOU.

AutoDealerMD INSIGHT:  

            Auto dealers invest in an average of ten different advertising tactics (e.g. digital display, social media, email               marketing, radio, newspapers). 

            Industry research has revealed that 85% of dealers' advertising tactics are not optimized.

            As much as 64% of auto dealer advertising is under-performing and, of that,

            As much as 25% of advertising is LOSING MONEY for dealers (that is, costing more than it generates in                   gross profit).

          AutoDealerMD technology has improved clients’ advertising effectiveness by an average of over 25% - - and has the potential to raise overall dealer profitability by up to 50%​​

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Is Half of Your Advertising Budget WASTED?