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In a recent syndicated media study, car dealers report that they get called on by media sales reps an average of 84 times per month.  That translates to:

          Over 1,000 media rep sales calls per year – per dealership.  (3x more calls than these               same reps make to the average local business)

          At 15 minutes per call (if you’re lucky) you’re investing 250 hours annually– listening to             media reps sell you their latest advertising widget.

Advertising today can’t be managed one tactic at a time – one media sales rep at a time.

Dealers have told us they don’t want to continue “feeding the advertising beast” with their eyes closed – hoping for the best.  They are looking for better direction.

How should you allocate your advertising budget across tactics –   to maximize the impact of your advertising investment?

AutoDealerMD answers the toughest questions – unlocking the secrets to how your advertising is working today and how it can be improved in the future. 

Are you over estimating the impact of your      

advertising investments?

Most dealers we speak with are willing to take a WAG at this question, but in truth just aren’t sure how well their advertising is working.  Or what its real contribution is.

And advertising vendors are NOT put on the face of the earth to answer this question.  They all make bold claims about how great their advertising is, but the bottom line is that they don’t know.  In most cases they don’t want to know the answer – even if they could figure it out.  After all their reason for being is simple - sell you more advertising first, more cars second. 

​ Take back control of  your advertising
 Improve your  dealership’s return on  its advertising  investment

 Make the most of your  personal time invested   in advertising

What is advertising’s REAL contribution to a dealership?

Auto Dealerships invest in ten different advertising tactics on average.  

Maximizing return on advertising investment represents a serious challenge.

AutoDealerMD  Findings:  

Advertising effectiveness varies widely from tactic to tactic and from market to market:

AutoDealerMD has discovered advertising performance can vary from a low of $0.21 in gross margin per dollar of advertising to a high of over $5.00 in gross margin per dollar of advertising

53% of advertising tactics employed by dealerships under-perform

As much as 75% of advertising employed by dealerships actually lose money for the dealership (source:  AutoDealerMD)

       Under-performing advertising tactics can cost a                       dealership millions of dollars in lost opportunity.

AutoDealerMD’s cloud-based technology platform was built to improve dealer profits  - - by up to 50%.

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